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No other shop/tuner in Eastern Virginia can offer it's customers with the type of service or capability that we can because of our Dynapack Chassis Dynamometer. The dyno is not just a tuning tool, but a diagnostic tool as well. We've been able to find problems with certain areas of the car's power band that customers weren't able to feel on the road, at the track or read on any inertia dyno. Our dyno allows us to tune for a smoother torque band, therefore producing a faster smoother car on the track or the road.

What makes our dyno different from all the conventional roller dynos? The first and most obvious difference is the elimination of the tire to roller interface on a conventional roller dyno. The Dynapack eliminates this variable by using a hub adapter that provides a direct coupling to our Power Absorption Units. There can be no tire slip, no rolling resistance, and no chance of the vehicle coming off of the dyno at high speeds. Most roller dynos use ratcheting tie-down straps to attempt to hold the vehicle in position while being tested. If the straps are cinched down tightly, the tire has become loaded even further, in an unpredictable manner. While this may be good for enhancing traction, it changes the rolling resistance of the tire - skewing the data further. Since these tie-down straps aren't perfect, the vehicle squirms around on the rollers - dramatically changing the tire drag during the run. If the vehicle is tested in two different sessions, the straps can't be set exactly the same way twice in a row. There have been cases where the ratcheting tie-down straps were loosened by two clicks and the measured power increased by ten horsepower. What if the straps stretches - either from run to run, or during the run itself? Dynapack eliminates these problems.

Even though we specialize in Honda and Nissans, bring your domestic car in to be tested on our Dynapack!

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